Frequently Asked Questions

A reliable hardscape contractor can ensure that any and all hardscape additions be it concrete, gravel, or brick additions across a given landscape are made with precision and to the desired standards of the property owners. At Verde Care Lawn & Landscaping we have been providing exceptional results to our customers for years and thrive in the face of adversity. We are addressing common queries on this page and can be contacted to get any specific insights that might not have been necessarily covered on this page. Our work ethic and the ability to accommodate any and all requirements placed before us make us the ideal choice to make across the entire Silver Spring, MD area.

What are the perks of retaining walls?

A retaining wall plays numerous roles that are both practical as well as visual. They can withstand heavy weights that might be placed upon them and can be installed relatively quickly to avoid soil erosion and flooding. They do not need much maintenance and hiring a reliable landscaper can ensure that they are complimenting the rest of the vegetation and helping them thrive.

What is hardscaping?

The process of hardscaping refers to any and all man-made structures within landscaping design that are made of inanimate materials such as concrete, gravel, brick, and even wood or pavers. They are a large component of residential landscape maintenance and add immense value to any existing landscape that is well-kept with ease.

Is investing in a new patio worth it?

Yes. When it comes to adding value to your existing space investing in a patio is without a doubt a worthwhile investment. It can make for the perfect addition when it comes to adding a new addition to compliment your front yard landscaping. Patios can be purpose build and can accommodate any and all requirements of the customers with ease.

How to make fences last longer?

If you are looking to make your existing fences last longer, we suggest getting them cleaned every 3-5 years, depending on the materials ensuring that if needed they are resealed. Reinforcing them over time with the right structural beams and even inspecting for damage and signs of wear in a timely fashion.

What is included in regular landscaping?

Getting comprehensive and affordable backyard landscaping will include mowing, weeding, border edging for driveways and walkways, cleaning up weeds, and providing plants with fertilizers. They are also inclusive of irrigation and can be further complimented with additional services like pruning.

We are confident in our skills to help any landscape thrive and if new clients need more questions addressed to determine if we are the right choice then they can reach out to Verde Care Lawn & Landscaping at (240) 458-4557. We are looking forward to hearing from them and are widely praised for being the ideal choice to make across the entire Silver Spring, MD area.